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Dog Poop in Town Lost and Found Department

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Usually we have to submit fecal samples from our pets that the vet reviews for parasites. It is a simple analysis under the microscope that can weed out various worms and gastrointestinal inhabitants. We never thought it would be a marketing company that boxes up the poop for later delivery to the owner and not a lab for veterinarian reviews. When the veterinarian reviews your pets poop, he is not the only one anymore. In Brunete, Spain, on the outskirts of Madrid, they have created a novel way to punish pet owners that do not pick up after their pets. There, they have begin returning dog poop to the owners via gift box. Some might call it a clever incentive to keep people honest, but they were facing an increasing problem of pet excrement on the sidewalks and parks. So they teamed with an advertising agency to p