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Choosing the Best Pet Boarding Service for Your Dog or Cat

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Our lives revolve around our pets but, unfortunately, we all need a break. Sometimes this break comes in the form of a business trip out of town or taking a vacation with our family. In these moments, we know internally that our pets are not permitted to come along but, at the same time, you might not have any trusted loved ones who could help you as you attempt to find the perfect person to care for your pets. This is why a pet boarding service might be your best option. However, how can you tell that a boarding pet care service is the best option for you? What should you look for in a service?

Choosing the Best Pet Boarding Service for Your Pet

You want to ensure that your pet is in the very best hands when you choose local pet boarding. The point of this is to be able to enjoy your vacation or trip while knowing that your pet is also in the best hands so that they are being properly cared for. Think of it as a Continue Reading

6 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

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How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

If your dog is anything like mine, chewing is a problem. I can’t tell you how many times my little guy tied tearing his chew proof dog beds a new one. The good news is that there are ways to mitigate and put a stop to this type of behavior. While chewing is a common behavior in puppies, older dogs can continue the act if not properly trained. Here are a few steps you can use to help nip the issue in the bud before it gets worse.
  • Dog Proofing. Investing in things like chew proof dog beds, and chew proof crate pads can help mitigate the destruction, but they can only do so much on their own. Keeping things out of reach, or gating off certain areas of your home can help prevent your dog from accessing chewable things. Additionally, keeping them crated can help prevent damage while your sleeping or away for short periods, at le

Do You Own A Saltwater Aquarium? Consider Adding Favia Coral

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Saltwater aquariums are wonderful additions to any living space. While fish can be beautiful on their own, adding coral into the mix can help create a truly gorgeous arrangement. If you are new to caring for corals, ultron favia coral is a good place to start.

Favia Coral

This saltwater coral is one of the most commonly found corals in both nature and in saltwater aquariums. These corals tend to grow in round colonies, and display a variety of colors such as yellow, brown, and green; however, they can also be found in red, orange, and blue varieties. Installing actinic lights can help further bring out the true vibrance of these colors. These lights have relatively short wave lengths, can can help induce photochemical reactions.

How To Care For Favia Coral

Favia coral is a good choice for both beginners and expert saltwater aquarium owners; however, since these corals come from various depths and natural habitats, a bit of experimentation may be re