5 Warning Signs Your Cat Might Have Fleas


Throughout the United States, many people own either cats or dogs. Considering that, it’s important to do everything possible to keep your pets as healthy as possible. You’ve likely heard about animals being susceptible to fleas. Statistics show that the average female flea is able to lay nearly 2,000 eggs throughout her lifetime. Considering that, it’s understandable to want to rid fleas from both your pet and home. With that in mind, here are five warning signs that your pet has been infected with fleas.

  1. Constant Scratching

    One of the most obvious signs to look out when dealing with fleas is scratching. Fleas are known to jump and fly around constantly. Whether crawling or landing on your cat, it’s likely going to cause them to scratch themselves. After you first notice your cat scratching themselves, keep track of how long it continues. If your cat continues to obsessively scratch themselves, it’s time to consider contacting veterinary services.
  2. Tiny Black Spots on Fur

    If you’re wanting to get a closer look at your cat, this is a great way to find further evidence of fleas. You’ll want to check for small dark spots on your animal’s fur, looking similar to pepper. Unfortunately, this is often the sign of flea droppings which is a definite sign that your cat has fleas.
  3. Avoidance of Carpeted Surfaces

    Many cats prefer to spend some type laying on the carpet in a home. However, those with fleas might start to avoid these areas in favor of hardwood or tile floors. This is often because fleas thrive in carpeted areas. Fleas have four different stages throughout their lives which are the egg, larva, pupa, and biting adult phases. Unfortunately, carpeted areas are often prime locations for fleas to go through these stages.
  4. Patchy Fur Loss

    It’s common for many pet owners to confuse hair loss caused by fleas with some type of allergic reaction. However, this fur loss is often caused by cats excessively licking or scratching themselves to remove fleas. Statistics show that fleas are able to live over 100 days without consuming blood. Considering that, not having your cat treated could mean they end up continually bothered by fleas for a long time.
  5. Complete Lack of Energy

    In certain situations, fleas can end up feasting on your cat in large numbers. Unfortunately, this can cause cats to lose large amounts of blood. If you notice this taking place, consider looking into emergency animal hospitals in your area. In turn, your cat will be able to receive the right kind of flea removal treatment.

To summarize, there are several warning signs that your cat might have fleas. If your animal’s condition begins to worsen, it’s time to look into taking them to into an emergency animal hospital. You’ll find that emergency animal hospitals regularly treat animals for all types of situations. In addition, emergency animal hospitals often operate 24 hours a day, making it a convenient care option when vet offices are closed.

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