Are You Ready for the Responsibilities of Dog Ownership?


Dog obedience training classes

Every dog owner knows, or soon discovers, that owning a puppy or a dog is a major commitment. So before you give in to the appeal of those melting eyes or floppy ears, you should be sure that you are willing to take on the responsibility for another living creature for anything from ten to fifteen years. Puppies and dogs need attention, regular meals, exercise, veterinary care and proper training to lead happy and healthy lives. It all begins with puppy training, to ensure that your pet knows how to behave with safety around humans, other animals and traffic.

Dog ownership is a responsibility
When you adopt a puppy or a dog, you’re taking on the responsibility for its health, exercise and companionship. In return, you’re getting a lifetime of unconditional love. The best way to show your love for your pet is to look after them, making sure they get a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise and veterinary care, and proper training.
Puppy training is an important part of the upbringing, so that your dog grows up knowing how to behave in any situation and follows your commands. A badly behaved and disobedient dog is a danger to itself and to other animals, children and people. Professional dog trainers know how to handle puppies gently yet firmly, so that they grow up knowing the right way to behave.

Veterinary care and exercise
Veterinary care begins early, with puppies needing shots and regular deworming. The guidelines for different breeds vary, so it’s best to check with your vet to find out what schedule is right for your pet. For older pets, twice yearly visits to the vet are recommended. It should be remembered that like children, puppies tire easily and they should not be over-exercised, as this could lead to problems like early arthritis.
All dogs need at least one or two walks a day as well as sufficient exercise. If you live in the country, dog obedience training is necessary to make sure that they stay safe, and avoid dangerous behaviors like chasing cars, cows or chickens. They should come when called and learn how be guard dogs without harming visiting people or animals.
For dogs that live in the city, there are dog runs where they can get the exercise they need and socialize. Dog training is a must in urban settings as well, so that dogs know how to behave around traffic, other dogs, kids and people.

Dog and puppy training through positive reinforcement
Dog obedience training is an essential part of a heathy and happy life. The majority of dog trainers and owners believe in positive reinforcement, in the form of praise, petting and treats when the dog or puppy follows commands. Nearly half or 54.8% of dog owners believe that the most important command that dog and puppy training should teach is to come when called, on any situation. Most owners spend at least some time training their pets, but sometimes professional dog or puppy training is required.

Your dog or puppy is an important part of your life, and you owe it to them to provide the best care you can in return for their love, support and faithful friendship.