Help Make Sure Your Lost Pet Gets Home Safely


Pet dog tags

Many pet owners think of their pets as family. Even the Ancient Egyptians loved animals. We all know they loved cats, but dogs were so revered that owners performed elaborate mourning rituals when their dogs died. Even back then, pet owners had dog tags for dogs with names on them.

There are dog tags for pets of all shapes and sizes. Metal dog tags for dogs typically have owner information engraved or stamped onto them. This may prove a more durable option than pet tags with hand written information that can fade or wear off over time.

Electronic pet ID tags are an increasingly popular too. These tiny microchip tags are implanted into the pet with an identification number recorded in a registry along with owner contact information. If the animal is found and turned in to animal shelter, they can scan the microchip and call the registered number. These types of tags are seeing increased use by animal adoption agencies. They are popular dog tags for dogs, but since many cat owners do not put collars on their indoor cats, they may make great cat tags.

No one wants to think about their beloved furry friend passing away or getting lost, but it does happen. Greyhounds, the fastest dogs on the planet, can run as fast as 45 mph. While the average dog only hits about 19mph, that is still pretty fast and it would not take long for an escaped dog disappear up the street if it got out. If your pet does get lost, dog id tags and dog tags for dogs can help make the difference in your pet making it home safe. Read more: