Pet Markers and Memorial Stones


Pet memorial markers

The Mayo Clinic did a study on senior citizens who own pets and discovered pet owners 60 and older have 21 percent few visits with physicians. Furthermore, around 90 percent of pet owners consider their pet a member of the family. It shouldn’t be a surprise people develop a strong bond with their pets, and pet marketers and animal memorials are ways to display the affections of an individual’s pet that has passed away. Finding memorial stones for pets is easily done online because of all the resources and information made available. Almost 60 percent of people who own pets will bury pets that have passed away on their own property.

Pet memorial stones and pet markers can be placed on the property of pet owners to remember a lost one. Families that enjoy going to vacation often times bring their dogs with them, depending on the location. In fact, around 33 percent of families bring their dogs with them while on vacation. The interesting to note chows have a black tongue, which is the only breed of a dog that does not have a pink tongue. Pet stones and pet markers can be custom made by companies that offer memorial stones for pets. Pet markers for sale can be found on business directories and social networks as well.

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