Reduce the Execution of Innocent Pets


Az spay and neuter clinic

Animal rights organizations estimate that during any given year as many as seven million dogs and cats enter animal shelters in the United States. Among those seven million would be pets between 60 to 70 percent of them end up being killed, because there is not enough space in shelters to accommodate the influx of unwanted animals. Unfortunately, there are not enough homes for these pets either; thus, animal shelters feel that they have no choice but to euthanize hundreds of thousands of innocent, friendly companion animals annually. The best solution for companion animal overpopulation can be found at a spay and neuter clinic AZ. An Arizona spay neuter clinic makes it impossible for pets to breed, and thus, animal overpopulation can be greatly reduced. However, little can be done unless the majority of pet owners choose to make the responsible decision to enlist the services of a spay and neuter clinic AZ.

While an Az spay and neuter clinic can help to alleviate the problem of animal overpopulation, and thus, reduce the number of animals that are euthanized each year, the only way to eliminate companion animal over population is to do away with unethical breeding practices. Of course, in addition to utilizing the services of a spay and neuter clinic AZ. Unfortunately, with the thousands of irresponsible people who will do anything to make money, coupled by the fact that it is impossible to police that many puppy mills, things do not look good on the immediate horizon. Nonetheless, pet owners who truly care about animals, still must do all that they can be taking their pets to a spay and neuter clinic az, as an AZ spay neuter clinic is the best way at this time to stabilize companion animal over population.

Until someone finds a better way to address the immense problem of dog and cat overpopulation, a spay neuter clinic AZ provides the best way to reduce the number of pets who enter animal shelters every day. For those people who love animals, it is painful to think of how many animals could avoid a death sentence if every pet owner would take their pets to a spay and neuter clinic AZ. While the problem of companion animal overpopulation will not go away anytime soon, a spay and neuter clinic AZ makes it possible to stabilize the problem until a better solution can be found.