Scratch That Itch With an Effective Treatment Try All Natural Shampoo!


Natural pet products

Have you noticed your cat and dog scratching a lot lately? Before you go for the flea collar or anti-itch medications, consider that maybe your itchy cat or dog simply has dry skin. If you have the type of dog that needs to be bathed or shampooed fairly regularly, it could be that your pet shampoo is simply causing a skin irritation or making your dog’s skin itchy. Although an itchy cat is usually not being bathed, they could be exposed to something — like a food allergy — that makes them scratch more than usual. You’ll want to watch their diet and make sure it’s not from a bacterial infection or any mites. The majority of pet owners report that their pet makes them smile at least once a day and you want to make sure that your pet keeps smiling too!
Can the Vet Suggest Anything?
The vet leads the market share of the pet industry by around 35% and are vital to our pets’ health, safety, and assuaging our own fears about our pets. It’s estimated that the average visit to the vet for dogs is a little over $225 and a visit for cats is a little under $200. It can be worrisome when your pet feels off — whether it’s because you have an itchy cat or because your dog has allergies and is acting off. Indeed, with over 160 different kinds of skin disorders for dogs (and some that can create recurring issues), it’s good to have the steady hand and diagnosis of a vet. In 2015, the top reason that owners brought their dogs to the vet was for ear infections, says Nationwide pet insurance, and skin allergies was the second reason. A cat’s swollen skin accounts for just about a third of the skin cases that vets see.
If you’re really worried about your itchy cat or dog, it might be a good idea to bring them to your local vet for a diagnosis and hopefully a treatment that will let them — and you! — have a bit of relief.
If My Pet Is Suffering From Dry or Itchy Skin, What Can I Do?
One option is to switch to natural pet shampoo or natural pet products, which can prove to be a more natural remedy for dog itching. Alleviating the itch can make your pet’s quality of life better and take the stress off the household that skin care problems can often cause. Most pets are considered a part of the family and their distress will be felt acutely within the home. You may find that all natural pet shampoo instantly gets rid of the itching and scratching and can help soothe any irritation or hot spots for the pet. Harmful chemicals or irritants that can be found in more commercial pet shampoos are eliminated, such as alcohol, formaldehyde, mineral oil, or urea. The ingredients in your pet’s shampoo might even be similar to high quality skincare products that we use. Some all natural shampoos may even donate a portion of their proceeds to animal shelters or charities, so you’re helping benefit other animals with your purchase as well!
Where Can I Find This Type of Natural Shampoo?
Your vet may have a small supply of it in the office that you can purchase. Your vet may also be able to direct you to small, specialized pet good stores that sell it. Some natural food stores may also have a pet section that you can find this type of shampoo in. Alternatively, some major pet store retailers also have a natural section where you can more easily find the type of all natural shampoo you and your pet need.
It shouldn’t be that difficult to find, especially as our society trends more and more towards the all natural and organic options available.
Don’t just watch your pet scratch helplessly from now on! Try a natural shampoo to alleviate hot spots, irritation, or dry skin. In all cases, get in touch with your vet to see what he or she recommends for the wellbeing of your pet.

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