The Best Products to Help Protect Your Horses


While most horses get enough weather protection with blankets, there are some situations where additional coverage might be necessary. Horses that are older, have thin hair, or have been groomed for show may need additional help. Horse neck covers are a good way to add extra protection, and there are other accessories that can be used to improve a horse’s well-being and comfort in all seasons.

Head Caps

A cap for a horse isn’t (just) a decorative article, they can be used to promote general calmness. In coordination with other types of therapy, equine head caps can also help alleviate some of the issues that result from TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome).

Therapeutic Horse Back Pad

Not all equine injuries are instantly recognizable. One of the first indicators may be posture, which cab be observed in the horse’s movements (shifting weight, refusing to bear weight, etc.). But all horses can benefit from a horse back pad, as they are both for prevention and recovery. This helps ease some of the wear that your horse may experience in its muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Knee Boots

Wrapping a horse’s knee after an injury can be difficult. The horse’s knee has the most freedom of movement in the lower leg, and as a result it’s a notoriously difficult spot to keep wrapped for proper healing. Therapeutic knee boots for horses can help increase blood flow, promote faster healing and allow proper movement.


While some products like horse neck covers are intended to provide extra comfort and protection for horses, other products are designed to ensure a horse’s overall well-being and mitigate or delay common ailments that most equines will experience at one point or another in their lives. A common example is arthritis. While there is no cure for arthritis in horses, proper use of therapeutic products, such as back pads, caps, wraps, boots and blankets can help reduce the severity of symptoms.

Companions, workers, pets–whatever your relationship with horses, they are powerful creatures with many moving parts. And just like anything powerful with moving parts, they require maintenance, mitigation, care and frequent checkups. Choosing the best therapeutic products for your horse will save time and money in the long run, and improve the overall quality of life of the equines in your life.