Types of Dog Crates for Your Dog


If you love your dog, then one way to show affection to your furry companion is by getting him the right dog crate. Dogs are man’s best friend and to support this truth, the US alone has over 75 million pet dogs; that’s more than any country in the world. With such great numbers, many owners are confronted with the tough decision of choosing a dog crate for their dog.

If you’re in this limbo, read through to find out the types of dog crates, and which one could best fit your dog.

What are Dog Crates?

For the sake of formality, a dog crate is a specialized structure used to contain dogs. If you’re thinking dog cage, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike cages, dog crates are comfier and homier and are a place to keep your dog safe, warm, and disciplined while traveling or when you leave your house. Dog crates come with special dog beds or pads that so your dog can sleep soundly when you’re away or when traveling.

Types of Dog Crates

Dog crates come in various shapes, sizes and build material with some having indestructible crate pads or even orthopedic dog beds. Here are a few examples of some common types of dog crates:-

1. Wired Dog Crates

As the name suggests, wired dog crates are built with wires in rectangular or square meshes. They allow more than sufficient ventilation and light, though adding an indestructible crate pad could make the crate a bit heavy. They are great for dogs that love open space or require a bit of ventilation for their fur or breathing. These crates are also easily collapsible, and you can clean your dog’s crate in minutes. Unfortunately, wired dog crates are not the most attractive option when it comes to dog crates.

2. Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates are great for air travel because they are snug and compact. Add indestructible crate pads or a chew proof dog crate and you’ve set your dog up for hours of travel. The crate is best for dogs that like privacy or seclusion, or dogs with orthopedic problems so that you can fit in an orthopedic kennel pad to ensure sufficient rest. Unlike metal crates, however, these crates don’t have as much ventilation and are a bit difficult to clean.

3. Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Soft-side crates are, just as the name states, dog crates with soft sides. Soft-sided crates have special padding or are made from soft materials like cotton or polyester. They are light, easy to carry and store, and are great for travel. The downside to these crates is that they are very hard to clean and are not well ventilated. If your pups are always out and about, escaping from soft-sided dog crates will be super easy for them to do. However, these dog crates are so comfy that your dog will have a hard time being awake to contemplate escaping.

4. Heavy-Duty Dog Cage

If you ever wondered where those ferocious bulldogs and other canines travel in, then here’s your answer, heavy-duty dog crates. These cages are built tough to sustain the most destructive and clever canines in the world. They are slightly expensive, but they last a lifetime, and if you add a few indestructible crate pads inside, you have a crate that can house the most aggressive dogs on the planet.

5. Fashion Dog Crates

Fashion dog crates are not that common and are for the dog-owners who don’t want their dog crate to clash with the decor. They are a bit pricey because of their lavish build and pampered cushioning for maximum dog comfort.

Now that you’re well-acquainted with dog crates, you might want to pick yourself a nice crate for your dog plus some indestructible crate pads to go with it and give your dog the comfort he or she deserves.