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Use These Three Pet Tips to Form an Even Closer Bond with Your Pet

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Did you know that about 46% of U.S. households have a dog, and 39% have a cat? Pets are often an important part of our lives. Studies show that 90% of people treat pets as members of the family. For this reason especially, it is important to understand the basics of pet care. Here are three all encompassing pet tips that will help you and your pets get along together even better. 1. Pet Safety Tips One thing you can do to help your pet steer clear of danger is to remove dangerous items from where they can be eaten. Both cats and dogs might accidentally consume, for example, rat poison, especially if it is left next to a tasty ingredient. For cats, one of the biggest dangers is exposure to ethylene glycol containing antifreeze. A single lick can cause kidney failure and death, and up t