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Are You Ready for the Responsibilities of Dog Ownership?

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Dog obedience training classes
Every dog owner knows, or soon discovers, that owning a puppy or a dog is a major commitment. So before you give in to the appeal of those melting eyes or floppy ears, you should be sure that you are willing to take on the responsibility for another living creature for anything from ten to fifteen years. Puppies and dogs need attention, regular meals, exercise, veterinary care and proper training to lead happy and healthy lives. It all begins with puppy training, to ensure that your pet knows how to behave with safety around humans, other animals and traffic.

Dog ownership is a responsibility
When you adopt a puppy or a dog, you’re taking on the responsibility for its health, exercise and companionship. In return, you’re getting a lifetime of unconditional lo

Why Is My Dog Itchy? Five Things That May Be Irritating Your Pooch

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Natural pet products
Have you ever gotten an itch that you just couldn’t scratch? The same thing can happen to your dog! Itchy skin in dogs is quite common, but it can become a problem if they continue to do it constantly. So to be sure your pet is comfortable in their own skin, keep your eye open for these five things that could cause your pooch trouble.
When scratching gets out of hand, it may be a result of your dog having allergies. Common allergies include food, insect bites, and environmental triggers like mold or pollen. If it’s a simple skin irritation, an all natural pet shampoo could help soothe some of the itching.