Can a Service Dog Fail Out of School?


Service dogs are becoming more and more popular as a meaning of guiding the blind and calming the anxious. Dogs have a special way of keeping their human’s safe and loved, s there is no shortage of demand for well-trained service dogs in America. What most people don’t know is that service dogs need to have a dog trainer teaching them from a very young age. Throughout the rigorous training they receive, they grow more and more capable of being adopted out as a trusted service dog.

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However, it is inevitable that not every dog is cut out to be a service animal. So, how does a service dog fail out of the training program? In this video, we will take a look at the qualifications that dogs need to meet in order to qualify to be a service animal.

Obviously, service dogs need to be able to lead a blind person safely. As you can see with this certain dog, he gets distracted by the tennis balls on the bottom of the test patient’s walker and completely runs off course. He also fails to stay on task after somebody acknowledges him. Keeping out distractions is one of the most important things for a dog to learn, even though it is fundamentally difficult. A distracted dog will not pass the service dog test.