What to Expect During an Emergency Pet Visit


Visits to a veterinarian are typically not eventful but this doesn’t mean there aren’t cases where animals may be rushed in needing urgent medical care. When this happens, the services of an emergency veterinarian are promptly needed in order to provide your pet with critical medical care as explained in the video, “What does an emergency critical care veterinary specialist do? | VetSetGo” by Dr. Justine Lee, DAVECC, DABT. An emergency veterinarian is a medical specialist who tends to animals at an emergency pet hospital and provides them critical medical services.

Emergency veterinarians also work with surgeons who practice at other large veterinary clinics. They can choose to specialize in one area such as small animals, exotics, or large animals.

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Emergency veterinarians offer medical services to animals ailing from:

  1. Renal medical complications.
  2. Acute illness.
  3. Neurological complications.
  4. Postoperative complications.

Most emergency veterinarians have work hours that can be chaotic. If considering a career as an emergency veterinarian, you must be prepared to meet the demand that the job brings. You will encounter animal patients that are under high-stress levels and must treat them accordingly. It is important that you follow the required safety precautions so as to avoid risks of injury to the animal patient and you.