Keep Your Pets Happy, Safe and Healthy with These Three Tips


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Did you know that 45% of dogs get to sleep in their owner’s bed? Most people see their pets as not just an animal, but a member of their family. Taking care of your pet is important, and there are many aspects to great pet care. Here are our three pet tips for keeping your pet happy, safe, and healthy.

1. Find the Right Vet

Getting a great vet is important. You can get recommendations from friends and family, and you can also make use of local veterinarian reviews online. Many clinics now have a website, and you can use this to gauge whether they seem to be the right place for your furry, feathery, or scaly friend. Make sure to ask about emergency services. If they do not provide them, where will you be referred to?

2. Pet Training Tips

Did you know that the first dogs were self domesticated wolves that became attracted to human dwelling sites about 12,000 years ago? Not every animal can be trained, but cats and dogs are the best learners when it comes to performing and understanding rules. If you want to discourage a cat from jumping on counters, try using a spray bottle with water. Harmless, but it will discourage them. If you want to train a dog, only reward them when they complete a behavior, not as an incentive for trying. Remember that dogs remember words commands when they are combined with gestures.

3. Pet Insurance

Did you know that about one out of every two hundred cats is infected with Feline Leukemia virus? There are certain benefits to having insurance for your pets. Americans spend almost $45 billion on their pets every year, and over a fourth of that cost goes to veterinary care. The cost of pet insurance is relatively low. Many people want to provide the best for their dogs and cats, especially now that there are many treatments that can help extend their lives and livelihood if they become injured or ill. Similarly to human insurance, the policies usually have co pays, caps, and limits, with older pets having to pay more in premiums.

Have any pet tips you would like to add? Let us know in the comments!