Things You Never Knew About Giraffes!


Whenever you flick on Animal Planet or visit zoos, it’s impossible to miss the adorable animal with the long neck. Giraffes are beloved by many and are always at the top of the list of animals that childrens love to see at zoos. Some zoos even let you feed them! The beautiful creatures are incredibly interesting as well. With their almost absurd looks and physical appearance, it’s no surprise that there are tons of things you can’t surmise about giraffes upon first glance.

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This video shares some of the coolest things about giraffes.

Anyone can see that a giraffe is covered in spots, but did you know that each giraffe’s spot arrangement is unique? Each giraffe has an original pattern of spots, which can be compared to how humans have unique fingerprints. You may think that giraffes need a lot of rest to carry such a long neck around, but the truth is that these powerhouses only need 30 minutes of sleep every day! A giraffe’s heart weighs 25 pounds, and giraffes are the third heaviest animals in the entire world!