A Day in The Life at a Vet Office


In this video, you will learn about working at a vet office. A general vet office is completely different than working at an emergency veterinarian facility. A day’s work in the veterinarian’s office varies day by day.

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Primarily, as a vet med, you will probably spend your days seeing pets for appointments. Other days you might be in surgery or administering vaccines. The day usually goes by what each person is scheduled for. The vet techs have different duties than the veterinarian and the veterinarian assistants. If your doctor has a busy schedule, you will have a very busy day. Emergencies also come up and there might be people who bring in their pets for walk-ins. Again, it really all depends on what the head veterinarian has scheduled. As a vet med or vet tech, your job will be to assist them. For a lot of vet meds, this means restraining pets for surgery, appointments, or vaccines. There is a lot to know about working in a veterinarian’s office. To keep learning more, watch the rest of this video.