Types of Horse Bedding You Should Purchase


If you want to provide your horse with an environment they can thrive in, then watch this video to see what type of horse bedding will best suit their needs. Bedding selection will vary based on your location and your local store. When you are picking the bedding, consider how much time they spend in their stall, if they have any health issues, and how frequently their space is cleaned.

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Wood shavings are the most popular form of horse bedding because you can choose the size and feel of the shavings. Avoid black walnut because this is toxic to your horse. Keep in mind if your horse has respiratory issues, small shavings are not the right call because they can be inhaled in dust form. Shavings are often preferred because when they are wet they will clump together, and clean shavings won’t get picked up by your pitchfork.

Wood pellets are another option for your horse bedding. The pellets are compressed, making them the perfect fit for horses who have a sensitivity to dust. They are not ideal for colder climates where they can freeze and become solid. They can be uncomfortable for the horses, but when used in outdoor areas, become practical to walk on. Other choices include straw and rice. Ultimately, be sure to keep your individual horses in mind when deciding what bedding to use in their stall.