Why You Should Be Giving Your Dog Chew Treats Daily


Dog chew antlers

Dog chews are pretty much a necessity when it comes to dog ownership. Dog chews come in a variety of forms and ingredients. They also provide many benefits to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Additionally, you will find that they thoroughly enjoy them and look forward to their daily all natural dog chews. Your dog will experience the following benefits from their dog chews.

Good for their teeth
Dog chews are recommended for dogs for the care of their teeth. Veterinarians say that an estimated 85% of dogs over age 4 have some form of periodontal disease. It can be difficult to brush your dog?s teeth on a daily basis, but things like antler chews can help. Antlers for dogs and other types of dog chews remove the buildup of tartar and plaque from their teeth. Dogs that regularly chew on tougher dog chews like antler chews tend to have less of this buildup.

Weight control
Many of the countries dogs are overweight. Similar to humans, they require exercise and a healthy diet. If they eat too much, or eat food that is not nutritious enough, they tend to be overweight. On average, dogs need 30 calories per pound of body weight to maintain current weight, but that can change based on activity level and size of the dog. Antler chews and natural dog treats can keep them busy and away from eating more food. Providing them with an antler chew can take their mind away from eating. As they are focused on eating these healthier alternatives, they are consuming less calories and fat contents.

Reduces boredom
Some breeds are prone to boredom. When boredom occurs, the dog can become more troublesome with things like chewing, barking, and other behavioral problems. A dog that is constantly bored requires regular exercise and thought provoking activities. Although the antler chews do not substitute for exercise, they can entertain the dog when at home. This is especially beneficial if you are required to spend many hours outside of the house, per day. The antler chews can reduce their bored, and thus, reduce their problematic behavior problems.

Reduces anxiety
Some dogs are also prone to anxiety conditions. This anxiety is common when the dog is left alone. If they are left alone for too many hours, they will begin to panic and will show their panic with excessive barking, chewing, and tearing up things. If you constantly come home to a ruined house, it is possible that your dog is experiencing either boredom or anxiety. Chew treats can also reduce anxiety by focusing their attention somewhere else. The simple chewing motion has also proven to reduce anxiety levels.

Makes up for missing nutrients
Just like with humans, dogs sometimes lack essential nutrients. Because they have less of a varied diet than humans do, it can be difficult to change eating habits to supplement these nutrients. Nutritious dog treats, however, can be used to make up missing nutrients. Chew treats are usually low calorie dog treats that are made up of entirely natural ingredients. You can also usually find specific dog chews that contain the specific nutrient your dog is lacking. Additionally, some chew treats help with a variety of other conditions, including joint pain, energy supplement, and puppy development. Always pay attention to the ingredients of the chew treats you give to your dog.

Dogs are one of the most common domestic pets in the United States. In 2015 alone, there were 77.8 million dogs living in households across the United States. Dogs require commitment and responsibility, as you are taking care of someone else. You have to feed them and ensure they get enough exercise. One of the decisions that you will make for your dog is the type of chew treats you give to them. Chew treats can be especially beneficial in controlling weight, removing tartar and plaque from the teeth, reducing anxiety levels, and as entertainment. Many chew treats also carry added nutrients to make up for missing ones within certain dog diets. Research the types of chew treats that are available and find the one that best suits your dog?s needs.