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3 Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Pet Healthy

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Did you know that, by age 3, about 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have periodontal disease? It may surprise you to learn that so many pets have dental problems. The truth is, many pet owners have put off getting proper care for their pets. This can be a problem later on down the line, when a lack of continual care results in pets having potentially life threatening problems. What do you need to know about keeping your pet healthy? Here are a few facts.
Dental Care for Pets: Teeth are an Important Part of the Body
Unlike a human, your pet won?t be able to tell you when they have a toothache. For both cats and dogs, dental upkeep is important for preventing tooth rot and gum disease as well. These problems cannot only cause pain, but they tend to have a negative effect

Taking Care of Our Furry Friends The Field of Modern Veterinary Diagnostics

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Over thousands of years humans have formed tight bonds with a number of animal species in a process known as domestication. Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and a number of other animals have co-evolved alongside of humans; just as human lives have been changed by this partnership, so too have the lives of the animals we have domesticated as many resemble their wild ancestors only subtly. Many people acknowledge these domesticated animals as pets and friends who are entitled to a healthy and happy life — this is where veterinary medicine comes into play.
Veterinary Diagnostics
There are thousands of veterinarians across the nation that specialize in the treatment of animals of all sizes. Scheduling regular vet appointments for dogs and cats every year is one of the

5 Questions to Ask Before You Get Health Insurance for Pets

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Healthcare for pets

Americans love their pets. There are about 76.43 million domesticated cats around the country. This is more than any other country on the planet. Pet owners spend nearly $20.5 billion each year on pet food, almost $12.6 billion on over the counter medications and pet supplies and about $13.6 billion on vet care. Many people who are concerned about their animals’ health will buy health insurance for pets so they can make sure their furry and feathered friends can have access to the best vet care.

If you are considering buying insurance for pets, here are some questions you should ask.

  1. How does the company deal with pre-existing conditions? There is pet health insurance for pre-existing

Are You Slowly Killing Your Best Friend?

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With the costs of raising children rising higher than every before, it’s no surprise that pet ownership is on the increase in America. In fact, pets now outnumber humans in the United States: there are 380 million pets for only 300 million Americans. An estimated 63% of U.S. households own a pet and 40% of these own multiple pets. With pet ownership becoming more and more popular, the need for high-quality and affordable pet care is higher than ever. Why is pet care so important?

The Need For Regular Pet Care

Pets who do not receive regular pet care often end up in animal hospitals or emergency vets more than pets who do receive regular care. Regular checkups and care ensure that your pet has all

Scratch That Itch With an Effective Treatment Try All Natural Shampoo!

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Have you noticed your cat and dog scratching a lot lately? Before you go for the flea collar or anti-itch medications, consider that maybe your itchy cat or dog simply has dry skin. If you have the type of dog that needs to be bathed or shampooed fairly regularly, it could be that your pet shampoo is simply causing a skin irritation or making your dog’s skin itchy. Although an itchy cat is usually not being bathed, they could be exposed to something — like a food allergy — that makes them scratch more than usual. You’ll want to watch their diet and make sure it’s not from a bacterial infection or any mites. The majority of pet owners report that their pet makes them

The Future Is in the Past

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If you are like six tenths of America, you have a household pet you love very much. There are around eighty million pet cats and around the same pet dogs in the United States of America. Whether it is a dog, a cat, or even some sort of reptile or rodent, you want the best for your pet’s health. That is why appointment reminder postcards are important. You do not want to forget your furry friend’s important.

Everyone seems to busy these days. Whether it is a meeting for work, hanging out with friends or some medical appointment, there is always something going on. Sometimes things just end up falling through the cracks. That is why veterinary reminder cards can

Did You Know? Interesting Facts About Dogs

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Canine companions are some of the most beloved and well-cared for critters in the country. Most people in busy urban areas are willing to pay $100 a week to make sure their dogs are happily occupied during work hours, and 38% of pet owners were found to come home during the work day to check on their beloved animals.
Most people know how to play with a dog, that they shouldn’t eat chocolate, and how to soothe its barking when a strange car pulls into the driveway. But many people don’t know these weird and interesting facts about our favorite furry friends!
  • When pooches pant, its their way of sweating. The only sweat glands a dog has are between their paw pads!

  • Dogs are more than just sweet c

What to Look For in a Vet

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It is estimated that cat and dog owners in the United States spend nearly $200-$400 per year on vet visits for their pets. This may come as no surprise as, for many, pets are a part of the family and no amount is too much to guarantee their health and safety. Pet ownership can be financially taxing on a family which is why it is so important to find a low cost, high quality vet. Here are some things to consider when searching for a low cost vet in your area. For many, finding a low cost vet may seem like a no-brainer. Vet bills can be staggering and given the fact that our pets cannot talk to us and tell us their ailments, multiple visits can be necessary to get to the bottom of their health issues. When figuring out how to choose a vet, finding a low cost vet is just one of the considerations. Pet owne

Surefire Ways to Promote Your New Veterinary Clinic Website

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If you’re trying to grow your business, then it’s important to realize that getting a professional looking website set up for your veterinary clinic is just half the battle. You’ll need some website promotion tips to get your website the exposure that ultimately leads to new customers. In your quest to build your brand and your business, consider these three tips. Ask the veterinary website designers. You’ve taken a great first step in promoting your veterinary clinic by having the website designed by professionals. Now, take another great step by asking the experts what they would do. Chances are, they have a few good website promotion tips that they can throw your way, or, at the very least, they’ll have some services that they can offer. Many veterinary web designers have the a