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What Should I Know About Heartworm Disease?

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If you’ve recently taken your pet to the vet and had the doctor tell you that your pet has heartworm disease, you might be wondering what steps you need to take. Before you make any decisions, you want to know all the basics about heartworm disease. How does my pet get them? How can I prevent them from getting it again? What is the correct treatment for heartworm disease? While heartworm disease is a serious illness, the good news is that there is a treatment that is effective and can save your pet’s health. Be sure to get your pet to veterinary laboratory services in order to ensure their health before the disease spreads and becomes more serious.
What is heartworm disease?
Heartworm disease is caused by foot-long worms called heartworms that live in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of pe

Four Basic Pet Health Requirements

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You have just gotten your first pet. You have never owned a pet before and are a little intimidated at all of the care requirements. Once you get used to the daily expectations, you will be a pet owner pro. There are just a few basic pet care requirements that you will want to remember.

Initial vaccinations and examination

Depending on where you received your new pet from, it might have already gotten all of its vaccinations. However, if it has not or you are unsure, it is important to take them in for their initial vaccinations and examination. Pets, both cats and dogs, require annual vaccinations. If you have taken in a kitten or puppy, they will also need their first year shots. The examination looks at any medical problems. The vet will take a series of tests and will s

Four Advantages of Backyard Dog Obstacle Courses

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Are you looking for a unique and entertaining way to exercise your dog? Approximately 46,300,000 households own dogs. Many of these households work or have busy schedules and are always looking for ways to increase their dog’s exercise routines to burn off energy throughout the day. Dog course obstacles are a great option because these dog obstacles offer many advantages to pet owners.
Increase in daily exercise
Of course, dog course obstacles increase a dog’s daily exercise. The obstacle courses teach the dog to run through tunnels, jump over logs, and climb hills. This is a great way for the dog to burn off energy during the day. The exact amount of exercise that your pet needs, however, will depend on the dog’s gender, age, and breed. For example on average, female dogs are

The Benefits of Buying a Dog Poop Bag

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There is no question that people in the United States love their pets. This can range from the more traditional pets that we know including cats and dogs, the mildly odd pets including pigs and gerbils, and then the super weird pet territory comprised of lizards and insects.
While some may prefer to have the more unorthodox set of pets, including large spiders and snakes, others prefer to do things in a more traditional manner. In terms of popularity, there is no question that more people are going to be the owners of the normal pets like cats and dogs as opposed to the crazier set of pets. If you are someone who wants to get a pet like a cat or a dog, you should know first and foremost that owning and raising a pet is not easy.
Many people think of owning a pet as something is fun and quite minor,

How To Get the Best Dog Training Collards

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In the United States, people absolutely love to own and take care of pets. These pets normally only pertained to cats and dogs in the past, however, the types of pets people now own in America go above and beyond what was once considered normal. People now own pigs, bunnies, foxes, and even snakes and different types of insects.
This article is not for people that own reptiles and insects. Instead, this article is for people that own a dog and are looking to properly train their dog. Understand that dogs are so popular in America that a lot of people own them.
Right now in the United States, about 37 to 47% of all households in the United States have a dog. This means that 46,300,000 households in the United States own a dog or even possibly more than one dog. If you are one of these peop

Why You Should Be Giving Your Dog Chew Treats Daily

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Dog chews are pretty much a necessity when it comes to dog ownership. Dog chews come in a variety of forms and ingredients. They also provide many benefits to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Additionally, you will find that they thoroughly enjoy them and look forward to their daily all natural dog chews. Your dog will experience the following benefits from their dog chews.

Good for their teeth
Dog chews are recommended for dogs for the care of their teeth. Veterinarians say that an estimated 85% of dogs over age 4 have some form of periodontal disease. It can be difficult to brush your dog?s teeth on a daily basis, but things like antler chews can help. Antlers fo

Dog Waste Has 23 Million Bacteria – Here’s How To Stay Healthy

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Dogs are one of the most common animals in the world, with some 46,300,000 households owning at least a single dog. And dogs, like all animals, produce waste. This waste is very unpleasant, especially when lingering around your property.
Not only that, but dog feces can contain around 23 million bacteria in a single gram, according to some studies.
Now, this wouldn’t be an issue if most of this bacteria weren’t considered zoonotic, which means that they can be a major role in spreading an infection to other canines, and even to humans. Children and elderly, especially, are more likely to get infected due to their weaker immune systems.
Dog waste also can contain things like tapewor

The Best Methods for Taking Care of Your Chickens

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When it comes to taking care of animals, there’s nothing quite like taking care of chickens. They certainly are quirky, intelligent and strange animals with a lot of hidden personality. But, perhaps because of this, it can be difficult to take care of them. A lot of time and care has to be invested in raising chickens but the rewards are pretty great, if you’re willing to put in the effort. There are so many little factors that go into properly raising and taking care of chickens that it can get a little overwhelming at first. So long as you take a step back and look at each part of the bigger, it’s not so bad. What follows is a list of small tips and tricks of how best to take care of your chickens, the where’s, why’s and when’s. Taken in separate parts, each aspect of chicken-raising become

How to Treat Heartworms for Your Dog

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If you are a dog owner, there is a good chance you’ve been told about or heard about heartworm disease. It is not an easy thing to look at, especially when dealing with your beloved pet. We do everything we can to assure out dogs are healthy and happy. But sometimes, that isn’t enough.
In the aftermath of a heartworm antigen test kit coming back positive, you may find yourself feeling a little helpless. Luckily, it is possible to treat this problem. Veterinary laboratory procedures are now in place to help kill the heartworms and make your pet health

Keeping Your Horses Safe from Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Antibody

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Whenever you are in a situation where you have to raise animals, whether as pets or for farming or breeding ventures, there are always quite a number of things that need to be kept in mind. If you are considering such an operation, then you need to remember that animals, like humans, are also prone to fall prey to health concerns and diseases, and if you want to rear a healthy group of animals, it always pays to know in detail in advance about the kind of possible health issues you might have to eventually contend with. This is especially true if you are trying to raise horses, as there are quite a few diseases that can seriously affect the quality of life of your prized animals, and even prove to be fatal. One such problem that people who rear horses have to contend with is the problem of equine infec